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check out the new music video from local musican, and friend’s little brother, fintan o’brien! he’s up and coming, and so incredibly talented.

((also shout out to my boy cormac on bass uke whaaat))

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sunday, to-do:

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uni selfie update:
all these readings and assignments are starting to catch up with me. i came to uvic feeling so confident in my abilities as an english student. i thought that with a lot of hard work, i could pull off some amazing marks. but after today, i’m beginning to realise that i don’t think i am good enough. even a science student did better than me. and while university isn’t supposed to be a competition, it still sucks. i feel small and weak and so so tired all the time, and the dreary weather really isn’t helping me to feel any better. i just hope that the rest of the term goes smoothly.